"Ahora podrás obtener y beber directamente del grifo de tu casa la
mejor Agua Alcalina, más pura y oxigenada, gracias a su alto valor del pH de entre
8.5 y 10.5, con nuestros Ionizadores de Agua Alcalina aquí disponibles."

Chanson Miracle MAX (7 Placas)

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Each Chanson Miracle M.A.X. includes the following 8 FREE bonus items:

  • FREE DVD - "7 Life Changing Health Secrets: Harnessing the Power of Nature" with Ronnie Ruiz.

  • FREE Quick Start Users Guide by Ronnie Ruiz (includes tips you won't find anywhere else!).

  • FREE Installation DVD with step-by-step demonstration for the Chanson Miracle M.A.X. by Ronnie Ruiz.

  • FREE Faucet Adapter, Tubing and Connectors to help make your install as easy as possible.

  • FREE pH Test Kit so that you can personally test your water levels and demonstrate the power of Chanson water to others!

  • FREE Himalayan Rock Salt Sample to make the STRONGEST acid water possible!

  • FREE Citric Acid Sample for cleaning your Miracle M.A.X.

And of course a Chanson Owners Manual, your official welcome to the Chanson family!

Chanson Miracle MAX (7 Placas)

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The M.A.X. Rocks. Literally!

First and only Himalayan rock salt injection system for an ionizer!
Our Chanson Miracle M.A.X. ionizer will make both strong acid and alkaline water for anyone with ANY water source, and is powerful enough to be used for disinfecting by doctors, hospitals, dentists, spas, vets, restaurants, the food industry, and home use. The M.A.X. is the first ionizer ever to use mineral rich nutritional Himalayan rock salt instead of a bleach/salt injection that leaves toxic residue on your ionization plates.

At least 50% of the benefit of owning a water ionizer is the prized low pH acid water which has over a hundred uses, will reduce household chemical and cleaner expenses by 50%, and is absolutely miraculous for the body, skin and hair. In order to make this strong ionized acid water, your source water must have all the right ingredients, and 30% of USA customers cannot achieve this strong acid water without alteration regardless of which brand ionizer they have due to source water issues.

But now 100% of M.A.X. users will be able to achieve this super ionized acid water which has been third party verified to kill e-coli and Staph on contact by simply dropping a rock of Himalayan rock salt* into the basket and choosing the acid water setting. While other ionizers that can reach a 3 pH and below can only do so by producing water at a slow trickle--which can make filling up a spray bottle a long and arduous task--the M.A.X. can make this all natural and non-toxic strong acid water at up to ½ liter per minute!

* The use of Himalayan rock salts are not required, they are a bonus for those who live in soft water areas and want extra strong acid water and/or an extra energy lift from the drinking water. Animation showing how the ionizer rock salt compartment works

Bigger Plates, Smaller Unit

Size matters & larger plates allow for better water flow
Featuring seven (7) of the largest, nano-coated, titanium plates on the world market, with a full 364 square inch total ionization surface area that can outperform even an 9-plate ionizer. Chanson titanium electrode plates have been independently lab tested at 99.998% pure titanium! M.A.X. is one of the smallest seven plate countertop ionizers in the world so it takes up less of your counter space (or undercounter space if you decide to convert it). You may not be able to tell, but some of the brands you may be considering are HUGE and can even block your access to outlets and cupboards.

The M.A.X. Makes Some of the Highest and Lowest pH Levels of Any Ionizer
pH = 1.8 to 12.1
ORP = +1200 to –920
Note: pH and ORP always depend on source water and vary as with any brand. Water tested in Laguna Hills, CA

RAD Self-Cleaning System

The Radial Action De-Calcification self-cleaning system is another breakthrough utilized on the Chanson M.A.X. that will extend the life of the ionizer. The number one enemy of any ionizer is calcium build-up inside the plate cell, and many water ionizers will lose up to 30% performance in the first three months of use due to calcium buildup. The RAD self-clean system will come to be legendary for its superior performance, even in the hardest of waters. Tested in 1300 ppm Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) "hard" water which is about four times harder than average USA hard water.

Onboard Flow Control Valve and Micro-Adjustable pH Settings

Want it stronger? You’re in charge! Use your advanced ceramic side mounted control flow valve--the first of its kind in the water ionizer industry--to increase or decrease flow rate and water strength for best results. There is nothing more important on a water ionizer than being able to adjust the water flow speed to get the best results, and this metal-free advanced ceramic valve will perform year in and year out. The M.A.X. also features fully adjustable settings at every pH level with additional micro-adjustments on the touch-screen panel. Want pH 9.3 instead of 9.5? Now it’s right at your fingertips.
Animation showing how the flow control valve works

Requires Less Power Than Any Other Brand, Without Sacrificing Performance

Lower power means less heat, and less heat means longer life to all components inside the ionizer
Chanson engineers have learned in over 20 years of servicing and manufacturing ionizers that you can't have both high wattage and long plate life, and that anything over 180 watts will dramatically reduce the life of the plates--regardless of plate quality or coating methods. The Chanson M.A.X. uses an advanced electronic delivery system which only requires a maximum of 150 watts, which extends the life of the plates and easily performs as well or better than ionizers using up to 500 watts and nine plates!

Commercial Grade, Non-Heat Generating Power Supply

Unlimited flow time able to withstand commercial grade usage without overheating
The M.A.X. utilizes 4th generation SMPS, the same power supply used in the newest 3D flat panel TVs. The M.A.X. can run all day long at the strongest power level without overheating, even at slow water flow levels. The first three generations of SMPS used by other ionizer assemblers were full of defects and problems, and models we tested overheated in less than one hour regardless of seller’s advertisements. This 4th generation SMPS is perfected, giving the Chanson M.A.X. a distinct advantage in runtime and power delivery.

Onboard Chemical-Free Filter Super easy to change!

The Chanson Miracle M.A.X. contains a chemical-free, five micron silver-impregnanted coconut shell carbon block filter which addresses some basic chemical contaminants like chlorine and chloramines and helps protect the machine itself. You won't find secret, dangerous, or unproven ingredients in our drinking water filters--EVER! As with all water ionizers, we recommend a drinking water pre-filter for best results.
Animation showing how to change the filter

Excellent Flow Rate ½ Gallon (2 Liters) Per Minute
Beware of companies claiming higher flow rates--they are usually combining the total flow of the acid and alkaline waters which is misleading. Some other companies also quote the flow capacity of the machine based on nothing but the amount of water it can produce, NOT the quality. Ex: The Chanson Miracle can flow water at 8 liters per minute, but the ORP will be so weak it will be ineffective. Two liters per minute is our most effective flow rate from the alkaline spout with at least -200 ORP.

Auto Memory Save & Advanced CPU

The auto memory save feature saves your settings even after power outages, so you can set it once and forget about it. The advanced CPU computer chip is programmed for perfect water at every setting, and even monitors the plate conditions!

Fully Waterproof Touch-Screen Display

pH, water flow speed, filter life, speaker volume level and setting number are on full display on a waterproof touch panel screen with no grease-collecting buttons. The machine's beautiful glossy black or new white patterned casing with silver finishes compliment any kitchen. Interactive animation of the touch panel (click the touch panel buttons to see what they do)

Easy Installation

Can be installed with standard included faucet diverter, direct ¼” tube, or with a Chanson G2 accessory faucet. All are super easy installs and we include a video to walk you through each step. Click the "Videos" tab above to see installation videos, including how to convert the MAX into an undercounter model.

Chanson Water Ionizer Warranty

Important Warranty Notice

Customers have 60 days to validate their water ionizer warranty by registering their warranty online or mailing in the card that came with the purchase. If the warranty is not registered within the 60-day period, the ionizer will not be covered.

Registering your warranty is very important in order to ensure that if something goes wrong with your water ionizer, you know that your investment is protected. Please take a moment to register your warranty by completing the short form located at: http://chansonwater.com/warranty-registration-form.php or mailing in the card that came with the purchase.

Chanson Limited Lifetime Water Ionizer Warranty

We are so confident in the quality and craftsmanship of our water ionizers that we proudly offer a limited lifetime warranty on all Chanson Water® 7 and 9 plate ionizers, and a full 3 year warranty on our 5 and 3 plate models. Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and for ionizers sold by Chanson Water® USA or an authorized dealer of Chanson Water® USA.

Purchaser must retain the original sales receipt and register the ionizer within 60 days of purchase either online at: http://chansonwater.com/warranty-registration-form.php or by mailing in the card that came with the purchase. (Picture shows where you will find your serial number.)

Repair work can only be done through the Chanson Water® USA repair center in Laguna Hills, California or an authorized repair center. Never attempt to open or service a Chanson water ionizer, this will immediately void your warranty. Please thoroughly read the owners manual and watch the installation video before attempting to use your ionizer.

How the water ionizer warranty works:

7 and 9 plate models: The limited lifetime warranty covers any and/or all defective parts on all 7 and 9 plate models for the life of the ionizer (the life of the ionizer is calculated at 10 years). For the first five (5) years all parts and labor are covered. (The customer must pay to ship the product to Chanson or deliver it to a local authorized service center). After the first five (5) years have passed, the customer will have to pay for labor and freight charges but replacement parts remain free for the life of the ionizer (10 year period).

5 and 3 plate models: The limited warranty covers any and/or all defective parts our 5 and 3 plate models for the first 3 years. For the first three (3) years all parts and labor are covered. (The customer must pay to ship the product to Chanson or deliver it to a local authorized service center). After the first three (3) years have passed, the customer will have to pay for labor, parts and freight charges.

What is not covered or what will void my warranty:

Warranty is void if casing of the faucet or ionizer has been opened. All Chanson ionizers and Chanson faucets are factory sealed.Please never attempt to service the machine yourself as this will void your warranty and could cause serious bodily harm.

Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover

  • Damage caused by: floods under the sink, or overhead plumbing leaks, which can cause water to enter the machine. Please be sure you have no plumbing leaks before installing the ionizer; we can provide repair at your expense for such an incident.
  • Damage caused by: failure to replace filters in a timely manner. The filter not only cleans the water but also protects the ionizer from damage caused by particulates in the water. Filter replacement time should never exceed 14 months. Please refer to owner’s manual for specific details.
  • Damages caused by: any mis-use or abuse, such as dropping the unit or knocking into the unit with heavy objects. See our Optional Accidental Damage Plan for the latter.
  • Damages caused by: Lighting strikes, power surges, and faulty circuitry in customer’s electrical system or acts of God.
  • The exterior finish on the machine or faucet. Our faucet finish is extremely durable and under normal use will last many years. Do NOT use harsh detergents or scrubbing type sponges to clean the faucet; a damp clean paper towel followed by a dry paper towel will restore a perfect finish to the faucet.
  • Damage caused by: setting the TDS value over 14. There is a special adjustment of TDS in a back menu mentioned only on the installation video, this allows customers in different areas to fine tune the machine to their water hardness, 14 is the max setting allowed, never set the TDS value above this number.
  • Damages caused by: commercial type usage. Chanson residential water ionizers are built to last however they are designed for residential use. Chanson ionizers have a 20-minute safety shut off to prevent floods from unattended use and damage to the unit. For the purpose of this Warranty, Chanson USA will consider commercial usage as; letting the machine run for more than 20 minutes at a time or for more than 4 hours a day total. (This usage is ok from time to time where special needs arise, but not as a daily routine.) If your needs will exceed these “residential” parameters please contact your dealer for “commercial use” product options. It is important to note, Chanson Water® USA does not expect residential use ionizers to fail under mild commercial uses, but cannot honor the warranty for use not intended by the manufacturer. If commercial use is needed, then consumer should choose a Chanson commerical grade ionizer such as the 7 or 9 plate Miracle M.A.X. The Miracle, VS-70, Angel, Violet and Eden ionizers are all residential use products.
  • Damages caused by excessive water pressure. The water pressure of the customer’s home should not exceed 60 PSI (this is the national plumbing code standard for water pressure in all homes and is not a special request of Chanson Ionizers). Be sure to have your water pressure checked before installing. Call your local plumber for inspection, or for $10.00, you can purchase a water pressure gauge from your local Home Depot and test it yourself. The water pressure gauge simply screws onto any outside hose outlet and will show you your water pressure when turned on. If your water pressure exceeds 60 PSI, all of your plumbing appliances are in jeopardy, please take this seriously. (There is not a reputable plumbing appliance on the market that does not have this exclusion to their warranty, if you do not see it on other ionizer warranties you should be very suspicious.) We are not responsible for damages caused by leaking water under any circumstance.

What happens after the full coverage portion of the warranty has expired?

We are very proud to offer a lifetime maximum repair cost guarantee of $150.00 for all Chanson ionizers, which means that you will never be charged more than $150.00 to repair your machine after full coverage portion of the warranty has expired. We also offer lifetime free parts for our 7 and 9-plate models (5 and 3 plate models receive free parts for the first 3 years). Customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from Chanson Water® USA.

Suggested Maintenance:

Please refer to your owner’s manual for scheduled maintenance requirements.

We highly recommend that ionizers operating in hard water areas be cleaned by the customer with Chanson’s citric acid cleaning procedure no less than twice a year–or three times a year for heavy use–AND be sent in to the service/repair center for a thorough internal cleaning once every 2-3 years.

Currently the cost of this service is only $35.00 plus shipping costs. While we highly recommend regular maintenance through a Chanson service/repair center because it will give you many more years of reliable service, you will not void your warranty if you opt to not take advantage of this service.

Limits and exclusions:

There are no express warranties except as listed above. The warrantor is not responsible for incidental or consequential damage; for or damages arising out of the use of any, unauthorized attachment. All express and implied warranties, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose, are limited to the applicable warranty period.

Optional Accidental Damage Plan:

Your Chanson Water ionizer includes the limited lifetime warranty outlined above. However that doesn’t include repair of accidental damage. Accidents such as dropping your unit can be covered with our optional accidental damage program, your ionizer is fully covered. If you break it, we’ll fix it. You can have this peace of mind for up to 10 years for only $199. We will repair any damage occurred and get your unit back to you in no time. Our accidental damage plan may only be purchased within the first 90 days of your ionizer purchase and cannot be added on later. So buy now and rest assured that your new unit will be protected no matter what befalls it. Customer pays shipping both ways.

Directions for utilizing our warranty service:

This Limited Lifetime Warranty service is available by contacting Chanson USA or one of its authorized dealers. Customer must acquire a Return Authorization Number (RAN) and print a return receipt to include with the ionizer before shipping. And you must include the Return Instructions Form (RIF) when you send the ionizer in for repair or return.

Please never send in your ionizer for warranty or service without including the printed return authorization form inside the box (customer service will email this form to you). Contact: 1-888-624-2169 or submit your email for assistance.

Mail ionizer to:

Chanson Water
23341 Del Lago Dr.
Laguna Hills, CA. 92653

Chanson Water® also has warranty repair locations in the United KingdomAustraliaCanada, and Norway.

Garantía Limitada de por Vida de Ionizador de Agua Alcalina Chanson

"Somos confidentes en la calidad y artesanía de nuestros ionizadores que orgullozamente ofrecemos nuestra nueva Garantía de por Vida."

Todos los ionizadores de agua Chanson a excepcion del modelo Eden (el cual tiene 3 años de garantía) tienen una garantía limitada de por vida de fabricación, el cual empieza desde el día original de la compra. (Para ionizadores comprados después de Noviembre 9, 2009). Los ionizadores Eden comprados entre Noviembre 9, 2009 y Agosto 13, 2010 tienen cobertura de garantia de por vida. La garantía es sólo válida si el ionizador fue vendido por Chanson Water USA o por un vendedor/dealer autorizado de Chanson Water USA. El comprador debe conservar el recibo de venta original y registrar la garantía en http://www.chansonalkalinewater.com/warrantyregistration.php

La garantía solo cubre al propietario original. Trabajo de reparación solo puede hacerse a través del centro de reparación de Chanson Water USA. en Laguna Hills, CA o por un centro de reparación autorizado. Por favor lea el manual de propietarios y vea los videos de instalación antes de usar su ionizador.

Como funciona la garantía?

La Garantía Limitada de por Vida cubre cualquier y/o las partes defectivas. Por los primeros cinco (5) años todas las partes, labor y envio por tierra hacia el cliente en los EE.UU estan cubiertos. (El cliente debe pagar por el envio a Chanson Water USA o entregarlo a un centro de servicio local autorizado). Después de que los cinco (5) años hallan pasado, el cliente deberá pagar por labores y gastos de flete, pero el reemplazo de las partes permanecen gratis por la vida del ionizador.

Qué esta cubierto:

La Garantía de por Vida cubre expresamente todos los fallos debido a defectos en materiales y/o mano de obra, el cual puede ocurrir durante el uso normal. Esta es una garantía de "reparación o sustitución," Chanson Water USA siempre intentará reparar su unidad, si la reparación no es posible Chanson Water USA proveerá una unidad de reemplazo a su discreción.

La Garantía de por Vida cubre todas las partes, labores y envio por tierra hacia el cliente en los EE.UU, como esta citado anteriormente. Clientes que estan fuera de los EE.UU tomarán la responsabilidad completa por cualquier gasto de envio desde y hacia el centro de reparación para trabajo de garantía y cualquier derecho o tasa de aduanas efectuados. Si el ionizador fue comprado desde Chanson Water USA, nosotros cubrimos el envio por tierra por cada trayecto durante los primeros 60 días. Si el ionizador es fue comprado a traves de un vendedor/ dealer autorizado, por favor lea la política de garantía de su vendedor/dealer.

Qué es lo que no está cubierto o Qué supondrá la anulación de mi garantía?

La garantía es anulada si el grifo o ionizador ha sido abierto. Todos los ionizadores y grifos Chanson son sellados de fábrica. Por favor nunca intente reparar la máquina por su cuenta, ya que esta anulará su garantía y puede causar daños del cuerpo.

La Garantía de por Vida no cubre daños causados por: inundaciones debajo de fregadero, o fugas de tuberías generales, que puede causar que el agua entre en la máquina. Por favor, asegúrese de que no tiene fugas de tuberías antes de instalar el ionizador, podemos ofrecer servicios de reparación a su costo por tal incidente.

La Garantía de por Vida no cubre daños causados por: falta de reemplazar los filtros de manera oportuna. El filtro no sólo limpia el agua, pero también protege el ionizador de daños causados por las partículas en el agua. El tiempo de reemplazo del filtro no debe superar nunca los 14 meses, por favor refierase al manual de propietarios para detalles específicos.

La Garantía de por Vida no cubre daños causados por: cualquier mal uso o abuso, como la caída de la unidad o golpeando la unidad con objetos pesados.

La Garantía de por Vida no cubre daños causados por: golpe de relámpagos, subidas de tensión y circuitos defectuoso en el sistema eléctrico del cliente o actos de Dios.

La Garantía de por Vida no cubre el acabado exterior de la máquina o del grifo. El acabado de nuestro grifo es extremadamente durable y bajo condiciones de uso normal durará muchos años. No use detergentes fuertes o esponjas que restriegan para limpiar el grifo de agua; una toalla de papel húmedo y seguido por una toalla de papel seca restaurará un acabado perfecto a su grifo.

La Garantía de por Vida no cubre daños causados por: establecer el valor de TDS a más de 14. Hay un ajuste especial de TDS en el ionizador, un menu solo mencionado en los videos de instalación, esto permite a clientes en diferentes areas afinar la máquina a su dureza de agua, 14 es el lo máximo permitido, nunca ponga el valor de TDS arriba de este número.

La Garantía de por Vida no cubre daños causados por: usar el ionizador como máquina comercial. Los Ionizadores Chanson son para uso residencial, son construidos y diseñados para durar como uso residencial. Ionizadores Chanson tienen una seguridad de 20-minutos apagado para evitar las inundaciones causadas por el uso sin supervisión y los daños a la unidad. Para el propósito de esta garantía, Chanson USA considerará como uso comercial como; dejar la máquina correr por más de 20 minutos en un tiempo o por más de 4 horas en total en un día.(Este uso se puede de vez en cuando surgen necesidades especiales, pero no como una rutina diaria.) Si sus necesidades superán estos parámetros "residenciales" por favor contacte a su vendedor/dealer para opciones de producto de "uso comercial".

* Es importante señalar que Chanson Water USA no espera que el ionizador falle bajo leve usos comerciales, pero no puede honrar la garantía de uso que no fue prevista por el fabricante.*

La Garantía de por Vida no cubre daños causados por el exceso de presión de agua. La presión del agua en los hogares de los clientes no debe exceder de 60 psi, este es un código nacional de plomería estándar de presión del agua para todos los hogares y no es una petición especial de los ionizadores Chanson. Este seguro de revisar su presión de agua antes de la instalación. Llame a su plomero local para la inspección, o por $10.00, usted puede comprar un manómetro de agua en Home Depot y usted puede hacer la prueba por su cuenta. El medidor de presión se adjunta a su manguera y le mostrará la presion cuando lo encienda. Si su presión de agua es superior a 60 PSI, todos sus aparatos de fontanería están en peligro, por favor, tome esto en serio. (No hay ningun aparato de fontanería en el mercado que no tiene esta exclusión en su garantía, si no lo ve en otras garantías de ionizadores, usted debería estar muy sospechoso.)

Que pasa después de que la porcion de cobertura total de la garantia ha expirado?

Estamos muy orgullosos de ofrecer una garantía de vida máxima en costo de reparación de $150.00 y piezas de por vida gratis! Esto significa que usted nunca será cargado más de $150.00 para reparar su máquina después de los primeros cinco (5) años de esta garantía halla expirado. El cliente es responsable de los gastos de envío desde y hacia Chanson Water USA.

Mantenimiento sugerido: Por favor consulte su manual del usuario para los requisitos de mantenimiento programado. 
Ionizadores que operan en áreas con agua dura, deben ser enviada a servicio/centro de reparación para una profunda limpieza interna una vez cada 2-3 años, sin embargo, esto no anulará su garantía en caso de no hacerlo, pero le dará muchos años de servicio. Nosotros altamente le recomendamos este servicio para su máquina regularmente; en la actualidad el costo de este servicio es de $ 35.00 más gastos de envío.

Límites y exclusiones:

No hay ninguna garantía expresa excepto en los casos indicados anteriormente. El garante no es responsable de daños incidentales o consecuentes, por daños y perjuicios derivados de la utilización no autorizada de cualquier archivo adjunto. Todas las expresas y garantías implícitas, incluyendo las garantías de comerciabilidad y adecuación a fin determinado, están limitadas a la garantía aplicable.

La Garantía de por Vida de servicio está disponible mediante el contacto con Chanson Water USA o su vendedor/dealer autorizado. El cliente debe obtener el  numero de autorización de retorno e impresión del recibo de devolución para incluir con el ionizador antes de su envío.

Por favor nunca envie su ionizador para garantía o de servicio sin la impresión autorización de devolución forma dentro de la caja. (Atención al cliente se la enviara a su correo electrónico) Contacte 1-888-624-2169 o  www.aguaalcalinachanson.com. Envie el ionizador a:

Chanson Water 23341 Del Lago Dr. Laguna Hills, CA. 92653 O solicitar información sobre la reparación en otros lugares.

No disponible por el momento. (Not available at the moment.)


Para más información o dudas respecto al pago con tarjeta de crédito por PAY-PAL y/o cheque, favor escribirnos: aguaalcalinaentucasa@gmail.com 

For more information about paying by credit card PAY-PAL and/or check, please write us: aguaalcalinaentucasa@gmail.com


Gracias / Thanks!


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